Wingate House c. 1905

Come and enjoy Vernon Parish, Louisiana's Legend Country.

The Wingate House (c. 1905) is a Queen Anne - Colonial Revival residence primarily distinctive from other Leesville homes because of its rounded turret topped by a Baroque bell-shaped metal roof and the bold undulating veranda emphasized by classical columns. There are no fireplaces in the house and apparently never were -- the house was fitted for central heating when it was built. The furnace was located in the basement, which was also unusual for homes in the area, and each room had its own register to distribute the heat throughout. The home was built by Senator Thomas Wingate around 1905. At the time, Wingate had just been elected to the Louisiana Senate, where he served from 1904-1908. Wingate returned to Vernon Parish and served as Sheriff from 1908-1912, then as a land agent in the area. In 1918, he sold the house (some say he lost it in a poker game) to John Bagents. In 1924, Wingate was again elected to the Louisiana Senate, this time serving from 1924-1940. In addition, he served for a brief period in 1935 as Lieutenant Governor when Lt. Gov. John B. Fournet won a special election to the New Orleans-based state Supreme Court and could not complete his term. The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

800 South 8th St.